Currituck County Public Records Offices:

About Currituck County:
1628th most populous US county with 23869 people, 6902 households & 1980 businesses. Ranks 75th in North Carolina. Currituck covers 261.7sq miles and avg $55745 income.

Vital Statistics For Currituck:
 EstimatesUS Ranking10 Year Growth
Annual Births:270 1771th 42.11%
Annual Deaths:193 1879th 22.93%
Married Housholds:5357 1545th NA

County Seat of Currituck

Currituck, NC 27965

Currituck Chamber of Commerce
5798B Caratoke Hwy
Currituck, NC 27965
Currituck Chamber of Commerce WebsiteMap This

Board of Elections

Currituck, NC 27965
Board of Elections WebsiteMap This

Probation Office
2801 Caratoke Hwy
Currituck, NC 27965
Probation Office WebsiteMap This

Public Works

Currituck, NC 27965
Public Works WebsiteMap This

Register of Deeds

Currituck, NC 27965
Register of Deeds WebsiteMap This

Tax Department
2801 Caratoke Hwy
Currituck, NC 27965
Tax Department WebsiteMap This


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