Who Always Has Access To Public Birth Records?

Public birth records are kept by each state every time someone is born. They are filed electronically with the local registrar for the county where the birth happened. This makes it easy for you to get access to your birth records when you need them. However, there is some important information about these records that you need to know because these are not records that are always available to the public.

You can look to see if you can find the records for someone’s birth by going online and using a database. However, don’t be disappointed if you can’t access an official certified copy. Most times, birth certificates are only available to select relatives that have "proper cause". Here are some examples of people that will usually have access:

  • The individual that is named on the record, also known as the registrant.
  • Parents of the child.
  • The child of the person on the record.
  • Legal guardian for the person on the record.
  • Legal representative of the person on the record.
  • An heir of the person on the birth record.

If for some reason you need access and you do not qualify as one of the above categories, they you will need to contact your county's Vital Record Office to find out what else may be required.

Counties with the greatest birth rate:

1st - Story, Iowa

2nd - Baltimore city, Maryland

3rd - Erie, New York

4th - DeKalb, Alabama

5th - Baltimore, Maryland

6th - Rockwall, Texas

7th - Nacogdoches, Texas

8th - Troup, Georgia

9th - Coosa, Alabama

10th - Somervell, Texas

11th - Bergen, New Jersey

12th - Chelan, Washington

13th - San Mateo, California

14th - Garfield, Colorado

15th - Hamlin, South Dakota

16th - Valley, Idaho

17th - Caribou, Idaho

18th - Montmorency, Michigan

19th - Gentry, Missouri

20th - Leavenworth, Kansas

Counties with the lowest birth rate:

1st - Slope, North Dakota

2nd - Loving, Texas

3rd - Woods, Oklahoma

4th - Rio Blanco, Colorado

5th - Treutlen, Georgia

6th - Elmore, Alabama

7th - Bastrop, Texas

8th - Cullman, Alabama

9th - Coryell, Texas

10th - Will, Illinois

11th - Ozark, Missouri

12th - Gray, Kansas

13th - Shannon, Missouri

14th - Grand Traverse, Michigan

15th - Talladega, Alabama

16th - Geauga, Ohio

17th - Scioto, Ohio

18th - Macomb, Michigan

19th - Spalding, Georgia

20th - Chaves, New Mexico